The Future Comes into Focus
As You Watch the Media Closely

The Institute of Media Environment is one of only a handful of research institutes around the world that analyze society through the viewpoint of media.

We place a particular focus on “sei-katsu-sha” (people in their day-to-day lives) to look at how technology develops and becomes embraced. This gives us realistic insight into business directions.

Our characteristic approach is based on the triangle focus on business, technology, and sei-katsu-sha.

As the media environment continues to transform, media will start to connect not just among people, but also among people and materials, and among different materials.

Providing foresight based on in-depth observation of this dynamic trend which the existing frameworks have failed to capture, and coming up with constructive measures – This is the mission of our Institute.

We hope to offer an open and innovative platform that is useful to you when you consider media and its environment.