Tenth Institute of Media Environment Forum: Media Experience

posted on 2013.12.17

Media Experience
The experiences today’s sei-katsu-sha expect from media 

Two years ago, the Institute of Media Environment announced its Media Spiral business design concept at the Institute of Media Environment Forum. The amount of media content continues to increase—despite the fact that media contact time for sei-katsu-sha is beginning to reach its saturation point. This suggests that designing a business plan that involves multifaceted, multilayered media content could lead to major opportunities. Smart devices and social media have become even more commonplace over the past two years, and the Institute of Media Environment has concluded that we need to again try to understand this Media Spiral from a sei-katsu-sha perspective.

Media Experience was the theme of this year’s event.

Sei-katsu-sha—consciously or unconsciously—expect to get certain kinds of experiences from media as they continue to come in contact with its various forms day after day. This Media Experience is the driving force that pushes sei-katsu-sha towards media or content—but how exactly can we define it? Furthermore, what experiences should we aim to offer sei-katsu-sha as we consider our future media business activities and advertising communications?

The Tenth Institute of Media Environment Forum was held on December 3, 2013 at the Yurakucho Asahi Hall and was attended by approximately 500 people involved with media issues. Changes in the media environment were analyzed and shared based on the following three perspectives.

For more information on the Media Experience concept, visit the following URL.