Eleventh Institute of Media Environment Forum: Media Extension

posted on 2014.12.2

Media Extension: Expanding lives, Expanding media

The rapid spread of smartphones is poised to reach more than 60% in 2014. Our lives are likely to continue changing as smart devices become commonplace, and we already seeing signs that the ways sei-katsu-shainteract with media are undergoing a transformation.

In the past, sei-katsu-sha engaged media primarily through reading, watching, and listening. Now that they have smart devices, however, their interactions are no longer limited to those three activities. As they come in contact with media, sei-katsu-sha are at the same time looking things up, making purchases, exchanging information, and so much more. The range of behaviors associated with media contact is expected to expand in many different directions and at a speed never seen before.

Naturally, it stands to reason that as the range of sei-katsu-sha behaviors expands with the all-out popularization of smart devices, media must also again expand and grow with it.

Our theme for this year’s forum was Media Extension: Expanding lives, Expanding media. The Eleventh Institute of Media Environment Forum was held on November 18 at the Yurakucho Asahi Hall and was attended by about 600 people involved with media issues. The relationships between sei-katsu-sha and the media both today and in the future were analyzed and shared based on the following four perspectives.

Sei-katsu-sha and the media today
REPORT #1: Multi-screen interaction as seen through an eye-tracking camera
REPORT #2: Using log data to understand expanding lives

The future of media and society
REPORT #3: Expansion patterns in Media Extension overseas
REPORT #4: Media Roadmap 2020

For more details, please refer to the following PDF file.