Institute of Media Environment announces Dynamic Bundling as its future media business concept at the Media Business Forum 2016: Using media and data to capture dynamic “sei-katsu-sha”

posted on 2016.11.30

Hakuhodo DY Media Partners Institute of Media Environment announced that its future approach media and the advertising business would address the question of how to understand and utilize data on scattered, dynamically changing “sei-katsu-sha”* information and media behaviors—data whose usage has been evolving dramatically as of late. The announcement was made at the Media Business Forum 2016, which was held on November 10 at the Tokyo International Forum. (The HDYMP Institute of Media Environment is headquartered in Minato-ku, Tokyo, and headed by Masataka Yoshikawa.)

Why Dynamic Bundling? Increasingly scattered “sei-katsu-sha” behaviors

According to the results of the Annual Media Consumption Report announced by the Institute of Media Environment in June 2016, daily media contact time among “sei-katsu-sha” has risen over the last decade to 393.8 minutes. Meanwhile, the popularization of smartphones leveled off in 2016 at 70.7%, only slightly higher than the 2015 figure of 69.5%. As mobile devices become a natural part of life for “sei-katsu-sha”, actual forms of media contact have become more and more subdivided, including not only TV and newspaper in general but also their digital editions and social media sites, individual websites, and apps. Ways of living have also become more diverse overall in terms of “sei-katsu-sha” interests, demands, lifestyles, and more.

At the same time, “sei-katsu-sha” groups that were previously defined by gender and age, for example, are becoming scattered at a faster pace. How are companies to understand these “sei-katsu-sha” enough to successfully do business with them? We believe that these are pressing challenges facing not only media companies, but all enterprises.

Our answer to these challenges is “Dynamic Bundling”. Dynamic Bundling solves media business issues by answering the questions of how leverage the power of media and data to capture or “bundle” today’s “sei-katsu-sha”, and how to scale business activities.

What is Dynamic Bundling?

The Dynamic Bundling approach goes beyond scattered “sei-katsu-sha” demographics as well as fixed value systems and lifestyles with an added focus on constantly-shifting “sei-katsu-sha” conditions, interests, and ways of living. It then captures or “bundles” these aspects not to target individuals, but to create categories that can be scaled for successful business.

Static → Dynamic

Targeting → Bundling


Since the 1980s, the centerpiece of Hakuhodo’s philosophy has been Sei-katsu-sha insight. Sei-katsu-sha, which literally means “living person,” stands in contrast to the word Japanese marketers typically use for consumer, shohisha. “Sei-katsu-sha” expresses the holistic person—an individual with a lifestyle, aspirations and dreams. All the branding work we do in partnership with our clients follows from Sei-katsu-sha insight.

Note: For details on Dynamic Bundling: Using media and data to capture dynamic “sei-katsu-sha”, please visit the Institute of Media Environment website at